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Boat Rental Berounka - H2O Sport Sikyta

Calculation and Order

  • Calculation of rental - please enter the start and end of the rental, then select the types and numbers of ships and equipment, click below on the math rental .
  • Binding reservation - if the price suits you so please fill in your personal data, or. note, check date, number of boats, equipment, etc. and then send the order below .
  • Order confirmation - after receiving your order to you in the shortest possible time, you will hear a binding order confirmation.
  • Payment of the booking fee - you will receive by email the reservation agreement with the account number and the amount that must be paid within 5 days.
  • Confirmation of payment - after receipt of money on our account, you will receive email confirmation with a new contract payments, is now 100% booked for you.

If you require transportation, please fill in the booking form, the number of people. ( maximum of 8).

When renting inflatable boats for one day rental is higher by 50 % ( only for inflatable boat).

You can continue adding more ships, etc. in reserve in the left menu.

requirement for transportation - start
requirement for transport - the goal