You can hire everything you need from the H2O Sport Sikyta boat hire service.

Dear canoeists! We have everything you need so that you can canoe down the river,
whether you are going on a canoeing holiday on your own, with friends, with your partner, with children, with your dog or even with your mother-in-law:

  • Vydra, Yuma and Sioux plastic canoes, Pálava inflatable canoes
  • rubber dinghies, kayaks, punts and rafts
  • tows, tents and sleeping bags
  • GPS, sonar, barrels
  • helmets, life jackets , neoprene boots, neoprene suits
  • and a range of other canoeing equipment

Everything is available for hire at the H2O Sport Sikyta boat hire service, or you can purchase it in our E-shop.

We will transport you and you canoes in a nine-seater bus with trailer. The Berounka River is beautiful! But if you begin to grow weary of it, the H2O Sport Sikyta boat hire service has a solution:

The nine-seater buses with trailers (on which we can load up to 14 canoes) will transport you together with all you canoeing baggage to any river in the Czech Republic and after your canoeing holiday we will take you all the way home.

Tip of day

Nafukovací kánoe RIO singl - 1 osoba
Single action hand pump Jumbo
Inflatable kayak Seawave - 1 / 2 persons
Nafukovací kánoe RIO singl - 1 osobaSingle action hand pump JumboInflatable kayak Seawave - 1 / 2 persons

10,20 € / day


2,45 € / day


12,24 € / day


Nafukovací kánoe RIO singl - 1 osobaVery resistent hand pump destined to a professional use.Thanks to its narrow and long shape, the SEAWAVE boat is easy to control and suitable for rapid riding.
Raft Pulsar 450 - 9 osob
Inflatable roof rack
Raft Pulsar 450 - 9 osobInflatable roof rack

61,22 € / day


2,04 € / day


Rafty PULSAR jsou využívány provozovateli raftingu, sportovními centry, vodáckými kluby i pro závodní činnost.The HandiRack is a patented, multi-purpose, universal roof bar system that can be fitted and removed in just minutes. When not in use, it takes up very little space and so is easily stowed.