SUP - Stand-Up Paddling - inflatable

Rental / day 16,33 €
Advance 20,41 €
Deposit / qty 122,45 €
Price 816,33 €
Length (cm) 325
Width (cm) 88
Height (cm) 12
Max. load (kg) 115
Max. carrying capacity 1
Volume (l) 296
Air chambers 1
Max. operation pressure (Bar) 1,6

SUP (Stand-Up Paddling) is fooling around on the water. Need SUP - board,paddle and buoyancy aid. You can paddle anywhere - on the pondthedam, the river and the waves at sea.

The sport originated in Hawaii as the combination of surfing and canoeing.Paddler is standing on a surfboardwhen this movement combines elementsof water sports, fitnessfitness exercises and drills to improve coordination of movement and balance.