Inflatable kayak Framura - 1 person

Rental / day 12,24 €
Advance 20,41 €
Deposit / qty 122,45 €
Price 775,51 €
Length (cm) 410
Width (cm) 75
Weight (kg) 16
Max. load (kg) 180
Max. carrying capacity 1
Air chambers 3 + 2
Material NITRILON®, kokpit PES tkanina s PUR nánosem
Max. operation pressure (Bar) 0,2
Packed dimensions (cm) 68 x 40 x 30
Side tube diameter (cm) 27 x 16
Color červená

FRAMURA is the fastest kayak produced by Gumotex which is designed for recreational trips and river travelling. You can load it with a lot of baggage because there is a large space available in the front and rear boat parts. The kayak is for paddling on the sea and long travelling on lakes as well as for rivers up to the difficulty class WW1 suitable. The whole kayak is covered by an undetachable cockpit and equipped with a comfortable seat. The Framura kayak is ideally to be used with a sea-kayak double paddle.


  •     Drain opening at the boat´s stern
  •     Kayak reinforcements
  •     Cockpit with zippers in the bow and stern
  •     Adjustable footrest
  •     Comfortable seats with rests
  •     Elastic netting on the bow and stern for fixing the baggage
  •     Grab handles for carrying the kayak on the front and rear
  •     Peripheral safety rope
  •     Fixtur decks for the tracking fin
  •     Push-push valve
  •     Safety relief valve
  •     Repair kit
  •     Transport drybag 100l
  •     Material: NITRILON®, cockpit PES fabric with PUR coating


Drybag - 40l LSpray skirt - nylonDouble action hand pump in drybagSea kayak paddle
Drybag - 40l LSpray skirt - nylonDouble action hand pump in drybagSea kayak paddle

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Drybag - 40l LNylon spray skirt for recreational and sea kayak.Double action hand pump with valve adapters and drybag.Sea kayak paddle.