SUP - Stand-Up Paddling

Rental / day 12,24 €
Advance 20,41 €
Deposit / qty 122,45 €
Price 816,33 €
Length (cm) 251
Width (cm) 91
Height (cm) 15
Max. load (kg) 120
Max. carrying capacity 1
Volume (l) 262
Air chambers 1
Material polyetylen

SUP (Stand-Up Paddling) is fooling around on the water. Need SUP - board, paddle and buoyancy aid. You can paddle anywhere - on the pond, the dam, the river and the waves at sea.

The sport originated in Hawaii as the combination of surfing and canoeing. Paddler is standing on a surfboard, when this movement combines elements of water sports, fitness, fitness exercises and drills to improve coordination of movement and balance.

A truly user freindly board, PE construction means no worries, stable and ample weight capacity. The whole family will enjoy this board!
Good choice for rental stations.

Stable fin box with adjustable and removable fin.


Inflatable roof rack
Roof bars
Inflatable roof rackRoof bars

2,04 € / day


1,22 € / day


The HandiRack is a patented, multi-purpose, universal roof bar system that can be fitted and removed in just minutes. When not in use, it takes up very little space and so is easily stowed.Roof bars - pair